31st January 2017: The consultation period for the Insurance Open Protocol Template and Manual is now over, although we would be pleased to receive further comments that you may have, which will be given due consideration. Thank you to everybody who responded to the consultation. We are in the process of collating and responding to all the submissions.
If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to email them to iop@theopenprotocol.org

9th November 2016: The Open Protocol Working Group has released a draft Insurance Open Protocol template and manual for public consultation. Visit the Insurance page for more information and download the documents from the Download page.

11th August 2016: Updated versions of the Open Protocol template and manual have been released. Please download the latest documents from the Download page.

Our task is to orchestrate an open protocol which standardises reporting procedures for collection, collation and conveying risk and exposure information.

The Open Protocol comprises a template and a manual which enable managers to report their risk and exposure information periodically in a consistent format.

Provenance Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation will assist:

The Open Protocol has been developed by the industry, for the industry. It is a methodology or a language. It is not a data hub or utility. There is no central 'owner' of the data. Hedge fund managers have complete control of their data and can decide to whom it should be distributed.

The template and the manual are freely available to download for all interested parties, here.